Challenges Ahead

2014 fireworksUnless you’ve been living under a rock the past few days you’ll have been swept up in all of the New Year’s chat and will, I am sure, have your own goals and resolutions, some of which you may well have broken already! 🙂 Whatever your plans for the upcoming twelve months, and I daresay that as you are reading this those plans include applying to and gaining a place at Vet School, it is really helpful to have a firm challenge and set of achievable goals in place. After all, what is point of striving for something if it is easy to achieve? The taste of success would be short-lived and nowhere near as sweet as if you have had to really knuckle down and fight for what you want.

What are your plans this year? Many of you will be looking forward to interviews, whilst some will already have offers in place, whether guaranteed or conditional on achieving some stellar grades in exams later in the year, whilst many of you will be working on your applications, busily beavering away at work experience placements, academic work and extra-curricular pursuits, all in a bid to attract that all important offer. As ever, the best companion for this journey is the Vet School series of books, as they literally do guide you from start to end on this journey you have signed up for.

I too have set myself a serious challenge for 2014. Last year was all about emigrating to the Middle East and this year the focus is of a sporting nature as I train for my very first Ironman triathlon race. There is more on this on my personal blog, the Nerdy Vet, but safe to say that as far as challenges go I have definitely chosen one that will be a struggle to achieve.

So…. whatever your specific goals and ambitions are this year, here’s to hard work, a little luck and success in 2014. Happy New Year to you all.

New Year. New Plans.

New Year FireworksWith a New Year comes thoughts of what we might do in the next 12 months. Its often a time for deep reflection, musings of a big life change, or simply the creation of several resolutions, most to be dropped, one or two possibly to become established.

There is perhaps no bigger target for a prospective vet in the ensuing months of a new year than to bring their application together and successfully apply to vet school. Whether in the first stages, with the October deadline for applications to be submitted, or the final stretch, with interviews, offers (hopefully) and securing of grades the focus, now is a great time to really take stock, focus and plan for the ultimate goal.

What is it that you plan to do this New Year? Personally, I plan to bring you the next incredible edition of Vet School, in addition to continuing to be there, by your side, as you strive to make it to Vet School.

I hope you have a great start to 2013 and remember that for all the best advice and guidance on getting to Vet School, sign up on the website, keep in touch via Facebook and why not say hi via Twitter. In fact, whilst you’re at it, why not share your plans for this new year.