Chris (The Nerdy Vet)

Christopher Shivelton Queen BSc BVSc MRCVS

Nerdy Vet ProfileChris has been writing and offering advice and guidance on all aspects of vet careers and vet school applications since he was a vet student himself. He graduated in July 2007 from Bristol University, having also intercalated to achieve an additional degree in Biochemistry. Chris has been in small animal practice since graduation, initially in Oxford and then in the Berkshire, Hampshire and Surrey area. Since the beginning of 2013 Chris has been resident in the sunny paradise of Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates, where he continues to practice small animal veterinary.

Chris has been presenting to prospective future vets for many years and wrote the first edition of Vet School back in 2009, establishing his own publishing company in the process and going on to publish books by professionals in other fields. In 2012, he struck out on his own, setting up Shivelton Limited, and established Vet School Success. In addition to his advisory work on veterinary careers, Chris is a technology enthusiast and has developed iPhone apps and writes on technology in the veterinary sector, both through his blog ( and for the veterinary press.

Chris currently lives in Dubai, UAE, and when he isn’t treating the city’s small animals or working on his next book or article, can be found out training for triathlons, indulging in various watersports or leaping from various planes and helicopters in the name of fun (with a parachute on, mind!).

Having successfully advised scores of students over the years, many of whom return to contribute themselves, Chris is proud of the fact that Vet School has helped so many students fulfill their ultimate dream of becoming a vet.

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