Vet School & Vet School Success is proud of the good work done and it seems this has not gone unnoticed. Here are some of the great comments and reviews our readers and users have sent in…

The example questions were brilliant as they made me think about things that, once suggested to me, you would expect to be in an interview but that I wouldn't necessarily have thought of myself. Kimberley Marsh (Student)Any questions I’ve ever had Chris has given really helpful and informed advice, so thank you. Good luck to you all. With a huge amount of work, dedication and determination you can make it, we will make it. Ellie White (Student)







The book is a brilliant, unbiased source of advice about choosing the right vet school for you. Els de Vrijer (Student & Vet News Editor)I know my parents definitely appreciated all the information being in one book, as it saved them scrolling through all the individual vet schools web pages! Kimberley Marsh (Student)







I extremely recommend you read Vet School, it’s fundamental for any forthcoming vet student.  Ellie White (Student)I would undoubtedly recommend the whole ‘Vet School’ experience to every prospective vet student. Not only is the book an excellent source of advice, which I’ve been reading throughout the process and I’m sure I will still be reading when I’m at Vet School. Els de Vrijer (Student & Vet News Editor)

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