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Write a “Vet School Offer Winning” Application

Submitting a well planned, written and timed application to Vet School is a major and very important stage in the path to Vet School Application Success.

Write a Statement worthy of a Vet School Offer


“Hi there! This is probably one of the most important times of the year for anyone looking to secure a place at Vet School. You’ve done the work experience, are on track to get the grades, have the super motivation….. All is in place to be awesome. But…..there is one more major hurdle to jump, and jump well. The APPLICATION, and especially the PERSONAL STATEMENT. The big question is how do you take all the great stuff you have done so far and convert it into ‘Personal Statement Success?’

Why is it even important? What difference does it make? Well, it is a major piece of marketing. You are selling yourself to the vet schools. Period. Selling is a skill and to do it well is especially difficult but important. Sure, you can do it on your own, and loads of people do. In fact, I did, but then there was nothing like Vet School Success available when I was applying, so the best I managed to do was take a peak at a current vet student’s personal statement and try and identify what worked to make it a good one. Mostly, it felt like a bit of a blind stab in the dark – a write and hope tactic. Not very tactical, controlled or confidence-inspiring.

Anyone seriously marketing something, whether it be a product, service or themselves, as in this case, looks at what is proven to work and gets expert help to improve their chances of success. Some might decry this as somehow cheating. It’s not. Getting someone else to write your application is cheating. Getting pointers, advice, doing research, seeking inspiration and support from those in the know is not cheating. It is smart. It is proactive. It is what successful people do. It is what you do to get ahead.

Ok, cool. That’s all well and good but what can I do? Well, those of you who already know Vet School Success and the work I have done on applications advice will know that I know what I am talking about. I am a vet, have obviously successfully applied to vet school myself and have literally written the books on the subject. Scores of students have already taken advantage of the statement review service and successfully secured interviews and gone on to attract offers from their chosen vet schools. In fact, you can read some of the comments I have had sent in below.

What do you get from Personal Statement Success? Loads! For starters you get the incredible ‘PS Review,’ worth a whopping £69.99 in itself. On top of that you get not one, not two, not three, not even four or five, but over 20 genuine, original, example personal statements, all sent in from students for review and which, for the most part, went on to secure vet school interviews for their authors. So, there you have it, you get to learn from their direct experience and gain some awesome inspiration in the process. It is practically impossible to put a value on this great product, but considering the price of the review service, it is safe to say that the total value to you is well over many hundreds of pounds!

But wait….. there’s more. You also get the Personal Statement Success Application Checklist, worth £30, and Steps to PS Awesomeness, worth £35, in addition to some other great features. So, that’s easily close to £1,000 worth of real value all available. So, what’s the cost. What do you have to stump up to get your hands on this literal treasure trove of Personal Statement Success awesomeness?…… £999? Nope. £699? Uh uh. Surely it has to be at least £400, right?! Wrong again.

The investment required from you is a steal at £199 – more than £800 less than the true value. That’s not a bad investment decision right there!


People seem to rather quite like Personal Statement Success. Here’s a few of their comments:

Charles Sisson“I would recommend the service as it is tremendously reassuring to have an expert opinion on it!” Charles Sisson (Offers from Bristol & RVC)



Emily Taylor


“The review service was a great help to me, and it acted as a great confidence boost when I received good comments about what I had written, especially as I had a last minute panic and rewrote the entire thing before sending it in! I would definitely recommend it to others.” Emily Taylor (Offers from Glasgow & Liverpool)


Charlotte Tickner“The statement review was very useful, I would definitely recommend it, it’s always good to get lots of peoples opinions on it, especially good if it’s someone that is in the profession and you don’t know personally because they won’t be bias and can give an objective view. You also told me the good things I’d wrote in my statement and why they were good and why vet schools would like what I said, which was useful as I knew I was doing it right and if I was going to change anything not to change those bits! Thanks.” Charlotte Tickner (Offer from Nottingham)


Ewan Macaulay“I thought the service was really useful, it gave another opinion on my statement, which was also especially useful coming from someone who knows exactly what they are doing with statements for applications to vet school. The feedback and advice on my statement was very useful, and helped to improve my application a lot.” Ewan Macaulay (Offers from Nottingham, Liverpool & Bristol)


Katherine Gray“The statement review service was excellent, really helped me get another view from someone in a different area of the profession … Although I did leave the bit about my blog in there… I would recommend it because it helped me pick up on little things that I hadn’t thought about before … Chris got back to me really quickly with constructive points that probably overall helped me into vet school!” Katharine Gray (Offers from Cambridge, Nottingham & RVC)


Personal Statement Success

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