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Guiding students towards their career goals can be challenging and as a teacher you have a daunting and difficult task. Applications to vet school are especially tricky and many schools feel daunted by the prospect of advising prospective vet students. Vet School is there to plug this gap and offer the very best source of reliable, honest and up-to-date information and advice for applicants to veterinary courses.

Published by vet and author, Chris Shivelton Queen, Vet School has been assisting teachers, careers advisors, schools and parents in their task of guiding their students towards their ultimate dream of a place at vet school and a career as a veterinarian.

Vet School can be ordered online here, both individual parts (£19.99 each) or in sets of both parts one and two (£34.99), or by completing and submitting the Academic Order Form

Please contact Chris if there is any additional information that you would like, or to discuss your order.

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