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How do I know this really works?

Great question. My results and track record speak for themselves. Since graduating as a vet myself I have been actively writing and advising on vet school applications, having authored several editions of Vet School and presenting to scores of prospective new vet students. I am proud of the fact that my books, products and services have led to so many young people successfully navigating their way through the maze that is researching, preparing for and applying to vet school. In fact, you can meet many of them in the current edition of Vet School.

If you want to be super certain that Vet School is the best career companion for you then be sure to check out the FREE samples of both Vet School: Part One and Part Two. Similarly, you can join the Vet School Success subscribers and receive your own copy of my FREE eBook, “9 Steps to Vet School Success.”

I’m not sure I have the money to spare/ is this really a good investment?

This is not only a good investment; it is a GREAT investment. Knowledge is power and having the power to really make an informed decision about your future career and chart a path to ultimate success is the best investment that anyone can make. That is what Vet School Success represents for you. It is like having your very own personal career coach with you at every step of the way towards vet school and your professional life as a veterinarian.

I’m not sure I can trust you with my money

It’s your money so it makes perfect sense to be cautious with whom you spend it. All I can say is that we use a secure, proven e-commerce system with PayPal payment processing, which is a trusted and established third party. As such, you can rest assured that when you make the decision to buy through Vet School Success, you are doing so with the utmost confidence.

What do others think of Vet School Success?

People love what Vet School Success do and here’s what they say‚Ķ.

I’m yet to find a more detailed book, that gives you more information than these books! Being written from a vet, it offers details on life after uni and loads of information about the course and how to gain that winning edge over other students. Not only does it also tell you what areas you should get work experience in but also provides examples of previous veterinary students personal statements and the questions they got asked in interview as a result. Overall these books, in my opinion cover everything you need to know, and without them I think I would have struggled, they help keep your mind sight in the right direction and i can now hopefully gain a place at a veterinary school.

Vet School Success customer & proud owner of a copy of Vet School


Vet School as a whole, I think it’s a brilliant idea and I personally have found it very helpful as it straightens out any areas of confusion, such as what is actually involved in applying, as although I had researched it before I think it really impacted on me how much was involved. I also felt that the book gives a much better idea of the practicalities of a vet, all the more mundane but still important things such as the possibility of travelling as a vet. The book also goes more into detail about the sorts of things easily overlooked when you’re applying, such as student finance, starting salaries, EMS, career options later, etc. I know my parents definitely appreciated all the information being in one book, as it saved them scrolling through all the individual vet schools web pages!

I think the bit I found the most helpful though was the interview section; I go to a good school and they provide an excess of help for all those applying to World Class Unis, but are not so strong at giving interview practice to medics. The example questions were brilliant as they made me think about things that, once suggested to me, you would expect to be in an inteview but that I wouldn’t necessarily have though of myself. I also think the personal statement followed by a selection of questions relating to it was really helpful, as it showed me how to pick apart my statement and forsee any questions I may be asked.

Kimberley Marsh, Vet Student & Vet School Star Contributor

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I wonder if I can get this information/ product without paying elsewhere

These days the internet means that you can pretty much get any information you want for free. However, this does rely on you going out there and finding the information in the first place, verifying that it is indeed accurate and reliable, and then accessing it in a format that makes it not only easy to make use of but also fun. I have gone and done all of the leg-work for you, and trust me when I say there’s a lot to do.

Not only am I a fully qualified vet myself, and so have personally been on the journey which you yourself are looking to embark on, but I have meticulously researched, interviewed, honed and ultimately distilled the huge amount of information there is available on the subject of vet careers and applying to vet school and made it available to you in what I consider to be a pretty awesome format. My books have been described as “bibles” for vet school applicants and I am very very proud of the high quality finish and expert advice that you get for your money.

As for the statement review service, you might be able to ask someone to check yours for free and there may even be services online that will do it for nothing but I would ask yourself the question, “who exactly is going to be reviewing and offering feedback on what is one of the most important documents I will write?” With Vet School Success the answer is clear: a qualified vet with a proven track record of successfully steering future vets into vet school. And that’s worth something I am sure you’d agree.

I worry about sharing my information online

Any information you submit and share with Vet School Success is 100 percent secure due to the reliable, trustworthy and secure system on which the website is built. As an independent, vet owned entity you can rest assured that your information is not shared with any third parties.

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