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Vet School has been helping students navigate their way towards a place at university to study veterinary for a number of years, with Chris’ books and advice offering valuable assistance.

Here are a few comments from students who have found Vet School of help in their applications…


Ellie White“My name’s Ellie White and I’ve just started my AS Levels sixth form; I’m currently studying Biology, Chemistry, Maths and History. I’ll be applying to study Veterinary Medicine at university next October, which is absolutely terrifying; the time has come around so quickly! Since there’s less than a year to go now before the UCAS stress begins I’ve started to get organised and I’ve found Vet School to be a great aid.


Of course competition for places at university is tough yet I think Vet School made me aware of things that will improve my chances that I’d never before considered. Over the past couple of months Vet School has helped me an extensive amount. I was unsure as to what to study along side the required Biology and Chemistry and Vet School helped me make a decision. It also helped me justify my answer to the all-important question… “Why do you want to be a vet?” It’s something I’ve been reflecting on for a really long time and I‘d also encourage anyone considering Veterinary Medicine to really survey this question.


As for my advice to those interested in Veterinary Medicine I suggest you get start preparing early, show a real interest and do something different to stand out and catch the eyes of admission tutors.  The more informed you are the greater your chances of success. Least I forget, I extremely recommend you read Vet School, it’s fundamental for any forthcoming vet student. If I haven’t stressed the helpfulness enough I’d also like to highlight the use examples throughout the book. These show real people writing from their own experiences and it helps you realise how versatile a career in veterinary medicine is. You’re literally guided through the process of applying, to studying and to how many paths you are presented with once graduated.


Alongside all this I couldn’t be more grateful for the help from Chris. Any questions I’ve ever had he’s given really helpful and given informed advice, so thank you. Good luck to you all. With a huge amount of work, dedication and determination you can make it, we will make it.”

Ellie White


“I bought Vet School earlier in the year and It has been a great tool throughout my application; it’s great to have some trustworthy guidance as there is so much information out there that it is hard to know what to believe! There are sections on all of the major parts of the application process as well as information about the different careers which a vet degree can lead to and life at vet school. Not only was it a brilliant investment but the style of writing made it an enjoyable read. It increased my confidence in my application and I would certainly recommend it to anyone who wants to do the same.”

Emma Plowright

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