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Monkey with a heart

Monkey Loves You

Okay, so it’s Valentine’s Day again and some of you may be all loved up, excitedly giving and receiving cards and heading off out with that special someone in your life. If you are not one of the loved up then no worries…. Monkey loves you!

In fact, he is so head over heels with you that he wants to go out on a limb and give you a pretty awesome gift to mark the monumental nature of his Monkey love.

Monkey knows how much you love your career and how important it is to maximise your chances of being super well informed and prepared for the journey towards Vet School that you have ahead of you.

With this in mind, he had a quiet little word with Chris to bring you this VALENTINES OFFER, which is ONLY VALID for the 24HOURS over VALENTINES DAY (14th Feb)

Okay, okay, that’s cool, but what’s the dealio?

Here’s what Monkey has for you, his special people, on this special day:

  • A Cherubic discount of 14% off Chris’ current book, Vet School Success

  • A personalised message from Chris (The Nerdy Vet) AND/ OR Monkey himself

(just state if you want a message, from whom and if there is something specific you want the message to say, including who it is for, in the comments section of the order form on the website cart.)

  • Monkey’s Undying and Enduring Love


Monkey is all about codes so if you want to accept his Valentines advances then head to the Vet School Success website, add a copy of the Vet School Success book to your cart and use the discount code CUPID to apply the discount.

IMPORTANT: Please enter the code exactly as it is below, ie using CAPS, as lower case codes won’t work.


(only valid for 24 hours)

nb: Chris is heading off to live in Dubai on Saturday so he will be spending Friday writing out Monkey’s personalised messages (in between frantically packing!)

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